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Choosing an OpenID provider

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The third-party accounts (OpenIDs) that we accept

Logging into this website requires that you have an OpenID Identity (refer to What is OpenID). Briefly, an OpenID Identity is used to uniquely and securely identify you as a person (this is in contrast to a traditional username and password). These identities are generally issued by third-party organizations, called OpenID Providers (or "OPs").

(Note that MedPlus employees have the option of using a password to login to this site; but this option is not available for customers.)

We will currently accept OpenID identities which have been issued by one of the following providers:

There are many other providers though; so if you have one that we don't currently accept, ask us about it. If we consider the provider to be trustworthy we may add it to our list.

Comparision of the OpenID providers

The following is a quick summary of the providers we recommend.

Provider Cost Webmail Security
Yahoo! Free Yes Good (password-based)
Google Free Yes Good (password-based)
VeriSign Free No Good (password or certificate based)

If you already have a Yahoo! or Google mail account, and your site/hospital allows you to access it; then you probably want to just use it as your identity. If your site does not permit the use of web-based email, you should probably look at obtaining an identity from VeriSign.

Please note if you use a webmail account, that account must be for your personal use only and not shared with other people (such as family members). See our policies.