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Help for registering and signing into this site

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Where's the password?

This website does not generally use usernames and passwords (although this is still an option for MedPlus employees only). Instead it uses a different technology called OpenID. To learn what it is and how you use it, please read About OpenId.

How to sign in

If you have already established an account on this website, just enter either your username or your email address into the login form. Optionally, you can instead click one of the third-party account icons to choose a different method of logging in (which may be quicker).

Employees: MedPlus employees (not customers) who have a password may click on "I have a password" to save a step.

New user registration

If you do not have an account yet, you must register.

You will also need an OpenID-enabled account at a trusted third-party site. Please see choosing an OpenID provider.

On the login screen, select one of the icons along the bottom of the form that corresponds to your chosen OpenID provider. Then enter any username, if needed, and click the "sign in" button.

If you have never signed in before, further instructions will be displayed about how to complete the registration process.